Split Nine Patch Quilt

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Isn’t this quilt fun and funky?

I think it is called a split nine patch.  This is Linda’s quilt and I love how whimsical it looks.  It was fun to check out all the different fabrics she used.  Many of which are in my own stash!

This quilt is a smallish twin and uses my two favorite combo colors- blue and yellow!  She has dots and swirls and other whimsical fabrics in her top.  I’m told this pattern is very easy to make but I’ve never tried it. 

I believe you sew a nine patch in the traditional method then cut it apart on a diagonal and sew it back together in all its funky glory.  Very effective and fun!

On quilts with this many different fabrics, an edge to edge pattern is really the best choice.  I used the pattern “Spin” on her top which is whimsical and funky- perfect for this quilt!

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