Stripey Dotted Roses And Another Peep At Sandy’s Monkeys!

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You’ve heard of a progressive dinner, right? Well, this next beauty is a bit like a progressive quilting project.

Jen made this from a quilt kit she bought in Paducah and she really loved the irregular border.  It is another good example showing how to mix stripes and dots, isn’t it? I did an all over edge to edge design on the front.  Then it goes back to Jen so she can put large ric rac on the top.  Finally it will come back to me for the trimming and binding.

As you can imagine, those inside and outside points are a lot of work with the binding application.

  Once I get it back all ric racked, I’ll post a progress shot of the progressive quilt.

Oh, and here’s a different shot of Sandy’s over the top kiddo quilt.  Come back for another little glimpse of a different portion of this unbelievable creation. (Kind of like a quilted cliffhanger, isn’t it?)

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