Quilt Path

APQS Freddie Longarm Machine

APQS Freddie Longarm Machine

Introducing APQS’s own Quilt Path! This computerized quilting system runs off a Windows based tablet mounted to your APQS machine. It can run on any APQS machine with a stitch regulator and uses precision belts to drive the machine across your table.

Quilt Path sells for $9,500 and if you’d like more information, please contact Angela. You can also download a demo version of the software to play with on your home computer. You’ll need Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8 to run it. You won’t be able to save with the software but you will be able to take it for a spin. Click here to download the file.  You can also find all the video lessons Angela has made for Quilt Path below.

Right now we have two APQS Millenniums on Bliss in the studio. One has Intelliquilter mounted on it and one has Quilt Path. Would you like to come see them side by side? Contact Angela for an appointment. Our studio is in Louisville, Ky.

How many quilts does it take to pay off a Quilt Path? Click here to open.

  • Keep in mind a Queen sized quilt quilted with low density edge to edge pattern will take 4-5 hours. That is a Saturday afternoon!