Intelliquilter, or IQ, is a robust intuitive computer which will quickly expand your creative horizons with machine quilting business.

Intelliquilter on Millennium

Intelliquilter mounted on APQS Millennium

The BasiQ or ClassiQ Intelliquilter system allows you to operate your longarm or midarm quilting machine robotically. It is very similar to an embroidery system where you load in a pattern and allow the machine to stitch out the design. Essentially, IQ turns your machine into a giant mouse and your table into a giant mouse pad!

Because the computer knows exactly where your quilting machine is on the quilt, you can draw your designs in real time from point to point as you create your vision right before your eyes! Plus, installing an IQ does not affect your generous warranty from APQS! And, you can put the IQ on all stand up APQS machines including the sweet little Lenni.

Would you like an informational packet emailed to you? Contact Angela and she’ll send one right away.

While you are welcome to come to the Quilted Joy studios to test drive IQ, I can also give you a “virtual” test drive over the internet to provide you with a clear idea of how IQ differs from other systems on the market. I can promise that this system will blow you away!  Watch the videos below for a tour of IQ on an APQS Millennium.

How many quilts does it take to pay off a machine? Click here to open.

  • Keep in mind a Queen sized quilt quilted with low density edge to edge pattern will take 4-5 hours. That is a Saturday afternoon!

If you purchase your IQ from Quilted Joy, you will receive access to over 6 hours of online video instructions along with a package of free digital patterns! CLICK HERE for some of the free tutorial videos available from Quilted Joy. CLICK HERE to purchase over 6 hours of online IQ video instructions from Quilted Joy. 


Features of the IQ:

  • computer mounted on the machine, at your fingertips
  • touch screen control
  • driver motors engage/disengage automatically
  • easy to use, menu driven system
  • help on every screen
  • integrated graphic editing, including copy, repeat, combine, rotate, scale
  • automatic pattern fitting in blocks, including sizing rotation and flipping
  • automatic pantograph editing, including offset, interlocking, flipping and clipping at borders
  • recording function to capture hand-quilted patterns
  • paper pattern digitizing
  • “stitch in the ditch” support
  • whole quilt composition and saving
  • pattern download via USB drive compatible with all models and makes of quilting machines


Here’s an IQ mounted to a Millennium with the Bliss Drive System.

Here’s a 2-part video tour of the IQ mounted to a standard Millennium.

Compare BasiQ and ClassiQ Intelliquilter Systems

BasiQ and ClassiQ Intelliquilter IQ comparison sheet

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