Judi Madsen Machine Quilting Camp at Quilted Joy
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Judi Madsen Machine Quilting Camp


Two days of design/draw machine quilting classes taught by Judi Madsen.

March 1-2, 2017 SOLD OUT! OR March 3-4, 2017

8:30am-5:30pm each day with lunch provided.

Please note, both sessions of the camp will be the same classes in the same order.


Product Description

UPDATE: The first session of Judi’s classes on March 1-2 is sold out! There’s still room in the repeated session on March 3-4, but we expect this to sell out as well. Register soon to guarantee your spot!

Quilted Joy is so excited to host Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts for a 2 day Machine Quilting Camp! Join Judi as she teaches 8 different design/draw classes over the course of two very full days of instruction. The classes will cover everything from free motion filler designs, to quilting a sampler quilt, to an in depth study of how she uses rulers to accomplish stunning designs! All of the classes will be lecture/demo and they are designed for all skill levels for both sit down and stand up machine quilters.

The Judi Madsen Machine Quilting Camp will take place March 1 – 2 and will be repeated March 3 – 4 with each day lasting 8:30am- 5:30pm. This two day event is $330 and lunch will be provided (please let us know if you have special dietary needs).

Please note there aren’t many spots available in these classes. If you’d like to register, do it now so you don’t loose your spot! All fees are fully refundable if you cancel more than 30 days from the event. If you cancel less than 30 days from the event, you are welcome to sell your spot to a friend, but we cannot refund your registration.

These classes are part of a two day camp. Students will attend all the classes listed below over the two day event. Each day will be 8:30am-5:30 pm and a deli lunch will be provided both days. Please note both sessions of the camp will be covering all the same classes in the same order listed below.

Because these are all design/draw classes, the only supplies you’ll need are a sketchbook, graph paper notebook (optional), a simple straight line ruler, clipboard, pens, pencils, and erasers.

Day 1

Wide Open Borders

Take your quilting to a whole new level with intricate designs in your large “Wide Open Borders” on your quilts. Judi Madsen plans on having a wonderful time breaking down this fabulous design into easy step by step instructions. We will be learning two different versions of this fabulous border and you will leave class more confident to try new things. Stop the feathering and try some ruler work – you won’t regret it!

Smashing Sashings

Are you tired of the same old sashing designs? Stuck in a rut with feathers, swirls, and other common sashing quilting designs? Well, this is the class for you! Come and see how Judi Madsen approaches the quilting designs in the sashings in her quilts with large sashes! This will be a fun and informative class with a lot of new design ideas for those quilts you are stumped on! I cannot wait to share several new designs with you!

Free Motion Fantabulous Fillers

Come and learn how to quilt amazing background fillers for any quilt. Judi will share with you the fillers she has used in customer quilts as well as the incredible filler she used in her quilt In the Meadow in her book Quilting Wide Open Spaces. Learn how to incorporate these designs in quilt blocks as well as quilt backgrounds. We will be learning several free motion designs.

Ruler Work

Come and learn how Judi Madsen creates designs using straight lines, her ruler, and a little bit of free motion quilting. She will share with you the importance to marking your quilt and making your quilts stand out with incredible, almost perfect quilting! This will be a fun class filled with lots of ideas on how to quilt up blocks and sashings that you are stumped on.

Day 2

Custom Quilting the Sampler

Come and learn the technical stuff you need to know about custom quilting – when to baste, when to change threads. What do I quilt first? You will learn all of these as Judi shares her ideas on how to custom quilt your quilt top. Sampler quilts are often thrown into the panto/all over mix, but they don’t need to be. Judi will share with you simple to complex design fills that will impress.

Quilting with Shapes

In this class you will learn how Judi uses simple shapes like the square and triangle to create awe inspiring modern and traditional quilting motifs. We will learn when it is appropriate to use shapes in your quilting and what details will work within the designs. You will gain confidence as you learn to quilt by marking out your designs first then quilting with your straight ruler to make these designs perfect! Judi will also share with you her project “Just Call Me Modern” her recently published design that showcases “Quilting with Shapes.” You will come out of this class ready to tackle straight ruler quilting, and quilting with shapes to give your quilts a brand new look!

Bohemian Quilting

Have you ever wondered how Judi Madsen approaches the quilting on her quilts? Well, this is the perfect class for you! You will learn about all the details in the quilting for her newest quilt pattern design, Bohemian. We will learn step by step how to quilt this fabulous quilt starting with design concept and ending with the execution of each quilted line. This will be a fabulous class that you won’t want to miss out on!

Secondary Designs

Come and learn how to take your quilt top to the next level by adding in secondary quilting designs to compliment your quilt tops. Judi will show you what inspires her to changeup the quilting and make each quilt she quilts unique using simple tools like her straight edge ruler and marking pen. This will be a fantastic class you won’t want to miss!

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March 1 & 2, March 3 & 4

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