GooseyGirl’s Big Girl Bed

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5 yard bundle quilt

GooseyGirl has claimed the 5 yard bundle quilt I finished recently. It makes her new bed look so grown up! I recently found her mattress on clearance at Sears. It is one of the thickest and most comfortable twin beds I’ve seen. It is so high that she had to take a photo of the height of her bed from the side! I’ve been informed that it is 1″ higher than my bed. Her old bed was awful, cheap and only about 4″ high. Basically a creaky, lumpy mat.  Ick!

GooseyGirl's five-yard bundle and new bed     GooseyGirl's five-yard bundle and new bed     GooseyGirl's five-yard bundle and new bed

The furry critter perched upon the pillow is Snowy, her hands-down favorite animal. She took all these photos, didn’t she do a good job?

I finished the aged Double Wedding Ring quilt yesterday. Now I’ve just got to make the binding and apply it. Hopefully I’ll get that done today and get started on a bug jar quilt. Freehand butterflies – fun!

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