Debbie’s Friendship Quilt

Debbie's quilt
Debbie's Crystals

Debbie’s Friendship Quilt came off the frame this weekend. I’m really happy with it!  She made this quilt for a friend, and let me tell you, that is one lucky friend!

I did some curvy whirlwinds in the blocks formed by the horizontal and vertical lines.  I put a flower star in the square on square blocks. The border was done with a branched scroll motif and repeats of the flower star in the cornerstones.

Debbie's Crystals      Debbie's Crystals      Debbie's Crystals     Debbie's Crystals      Debbie's Crystals

Debbie gave me the green light to do this one custom and it really brought the pattern to a whole new level. I know she will LOVE it!

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