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Coffee Runner

Funky Coffee Table Runner featuring EmilyI participated in Peg’s Finish Five in July Challenge.  Truthfully, I signed up without believing there would be any possible way I’d come close to finishing five things before the end of July.

But I did it!  I just finished number five!

This funky coffee table runner was fun to put together.  I taught this runner as a class and this is the sample I worked on with them to walk them through the process.  It features fun coffee theme fabric and steamy side fabrics that make it pop.  GooseyGirl is holding it for me.

I’m so excited that I actually completed the challenge!  Yeah, me!

Here’s number 1, number 2, number 3, and number 4 of the challenge.

This weekend was spent working on a new client’s quilt.  Suenella just relocated to Louisville and got my name from a local shop.  This quilt is a gift and the colors are in such harmony, aren’t they?

.Sunnella's WIP quilt, featuring beautiful harmonious colors!      Sunnella's WIP quilt, featuring beautiful harmonious colors!

I know she’s gonna be thrilled with it!

2 thoughts on “Many Trips Around the World

  1. Congratulations… have done it and the last one is just so lovely…..

  2. Love the quilt and the funky table runner! Doesn’t it feel good to finish projects? Congratulations!

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