T-shirt Quilt For My Pop!

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T Shirt Quilt

It’s done! I pieced the top at RIM and now it is officially quilted and bound! The shirts came from my dad’s closet. He’s got a bit of everything in there, including his army patches/insignias. I even put a functioning pocket from his Walgreens smock at the perfect height for a remote.

T-shirt quilt
He was speechless when I revealed it to him. He said he had no idea what a t-shirt quilt was but he loves it. He was especially glad that he has his army patches back in his everyday life. Emily asked Pop-Pop how he earned so many “merit badges”. He got a chuckle out of that one.

I used a very lightweight non-woven fusible interfacing on the t-shirts and it went together FAST. Each block is 14″ finished- ’cause my daddy’s an XL kinda guy!

The quilt is now at the quilt shop up the road where I’ll be teaching the t-shirt quilt class in a couple of weeks. I’m getting excited!

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  1. Angela what a fantastic idea and I can see why your Pop was thrilled..another finish well done

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