Linda’s T-Shirt Quilt

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Linda asked me to quilt this super cute and very unique T-shirt quilt! She actually appliqued each shirt onto the background!

Linda's T-Shirt Quilt, quilted by Angela HuffmanI find it funny that the past three quilts I’ve done are all for different Lindas! This one is Linda S’s t-shirt quilt.

I’ve never seen a t-shirt quilt like this before- it is so original. She put the background fabric together then appliquéd the t-shirt panels on the top. The edges are trimmed out in black bias. Don’t you love how much energy the t-shirt blocks have scattered at different angles like that?



Linda's T-Shirt Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman
This quilt is for an aunt in her family, and each shirt is from a niece or nephew. Take a look at how she put the name of each child on their representative t-shirt. Really original idea, Linda!


Linda's T-Shirt Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman


Linda asked me not to do any quilting on the shirts themselves. For this background I did a double marble freehand design to bring out the dot motif. It is a fun, high energy quilt that will be a cherished gift.




5 thoughts on “Linda’s T-Shirt Quilt

  1. hello first visit here.. I found you from JudyL’s blog. It is so nice that the two of you got to visit last night 🙂

    I love this Tshirt quilt!!! I see that the quilter put the best Tshirt in the center! Go CARDS!!! 🙂 my husband and I grew up in Campbellsville, KY 😉

    Your quilting is perfect for just a fun and cheerful quilt! I am sure the special Aunt will love this special quilt.

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie
    I have multiples also 😉 (b/g twins 15 months old)

  2. This just rocks!

    I live in Lexington. Maybe next time I come your way, we can have a cup o’ joe or tea or whatever.

    You do great work!

  3. Hey, Bonnie- WELCOME! I’m so glad you popped in from Judy’s blog. She’s one of my faves, for sure. I saw the photos of your twins on your blog. Too Cute! If you ever want to see how I organized my early years with triplets, check out I’ve got articles on there about organizing your home to cope with children who come in a hord. 🙂

    I’m glad you are back in your home after all the evacuations. I hope the rest of the year is calm!

  4. Beth-
    You are in Lexington? Wild! Email me and we could meet at a fabric store (I can’t wait to see your Beatles quilt finished).

  5. Once you have updated your blog with your giveaway posting, send me an email link to your drawing and I will update the blog posting. Also you will need to link back to the Fall into Fall blog. Thanks for joining us.

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