Five Little Monkies Baby Quilt.

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I swear, Sandy’s monkies quilt is one of the top ten best quilts I’ve ever had cross my path. I wonder if she’d notice if I applied for adoption so I could get a quilt like this from her? 🙂

I used Hobbs 100% cotton for the batting and outlined all of those fabulous embroideries in Superior Threads Monopoly. The smaller squares got some line dancing and the larger squares got a loopy star.

The background filler around those bouncing monkies is a loopy fill that gives the illusion of all their bouncy paths they’ve made around the quilt top.

This little quilt has brought me so many smiles and I know the lucky little kiddo who gets to enjoy this quilt everyday will also find it brings them grins too!

Up next is a memorial quilt for a woman whose father is dearly missed. She has commissioned me to make a quilt top out of his workshirt.

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  1. Can I get a panel of this quilt?

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