Rebecca’s Coneflower Batik quilt

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Rebecca’s Quilt is a one of those quilts that just makes me happy. I think it is the hot pink batik in it.

Can you see the flange just before the outside border. It really adds a nice dimension to the overall design. Of course, I stayed off the flange so it could be all flangey and what not.

I have no idea why I’ve gravitated towards even light pink over the last couple of years. I’ve just found that girly girl color to be perfect for me lately. The focus fabric has coneflowers all over it.

Coneflowers are one of my absolute favorites along with Stargazer lilly and the poppy.

In fact, my old neighbor grew a huge garden of coneflowers and one day I took my triplets over to the garden for some quick pictures.

The coneflowers ended up looked enourmous as they were very close to the camera.

Don’t the kids look like they are in a Wizard of Oz garden with mutant flowers? This picture was on the cover of an international magazine for families of multiples. Imagine that, my kidlets are pinups!

Rebecca’s Coneflower quilt is vibrant and fun. I did a loopy treatment in the sashings and some line dancing in the nine patches. I used a hot pink Sew Fine thread and a Hobbs Heirloom batting.

The outside border has a freehand coneflower meander but none of my photos of it turned out very well. You can, however, see the awesome orange batik backing she chose.

Rebecca is recovering from surgery right now and I know this quilt will give her a bit of a pick me up, ‘ya know?

Oh, and just wait till you see Sandy’s 5 little monkey’s quilt I’ll be doing next. It will knock you out! Check back soon!

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