A Kidlet Spin on the Inauguration

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Today at school they spent a great deal of time learning about the presidency and celebrating the inauguration. In fact, they wrote a poem. Here’s RocketMan’s:

Luke overseeing his kingdomBarack Obama is a kind person,
and he’s definitely not a blind person.
He likes to play basketball,
and he doesn’t drink alcohol.

They had to write their own political platforms that they would run on if they were the president. GooseyGirl states “People are losing their jobs and some kids across the globe don’t have edjucation.” Looks like we need to work on her spelling, eh?

BirdMan decided that he’d stop pollution because pollution kills the environment “like a bug being squashed.” He also included a line in his acceptance speech at the end which states, “I thank you for my cooperation.”

I love little giggles like that!

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