Four Patch Posie Supreme Quilt

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My online quilting guild went nuts over the Four Patch Posie quilt pattern recently and for good reason!  Now the author has come out with a Four Patch Posie Supreme.  When I saw Ruthie’s last year at my annual retreat I fell in LOVE! Judy made a nice one too. The pattern is a variation on the Stack and Whack craze but without all those pesky bias edges.

I’ve decided I need to spend more time this year doing stuff for ME so I don’t get burned out.  A girl has to reconnect to her passion once in a while, ‘ya know?

Four Patch Posie Supreme, quilted by Angela Huffman

Here’s some of the blocks I’ve made for my Four Patch Posie Supreme.  I still have to do sashings and borders.  But every one of these blocks is made from the same piece of fabric.

Four Patch Posie Supreme, quilted by Angela Huffman     Four Patch Posie Supreme, quilted by Angela Huffman

5 thoughts on “Four Patch Posie Supreme Quilt

  1. Very nice Angela!

  2. What gorgeous colors! I love it!

  3. Thanks! I’m teaching this as a class at the June 4th meeting of the Louisville Nimble Thimbles!

  4. How did you quilt your four patch posey? I’m machine quilting on my hobby lock. Thanks

    1. Janet, I confess that the quilt is still sitting on the shelf unquilted. 🙂

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