Lone Star Quilt with Freehand Texas Roses

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This is an authentic Lone Star Quilt from an authentic Lone Star Texan! Debbie found me through my website and contacted me about this quilt that needed a bit of help. It had some rust stains which Debbie doctored with lemon juice and Texas sunshine.

The quilt suffered from some excess fullness which was a product of the years of bias edges. I had to really encourage it to become square again! But it was all worth it. This Lone Star is so cheery, don’t you think?

I put some Texas roses in the white space and some curlies through the star rays. Debbie had me make her binding and apply it front and back. Many of my clients prefer me to do their binding because I have the big ol’ table to handle it all.

I can’t wait for Debbie to see this quilt in person!


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