Sentimental T-Shirt Quilt for a Graduation Present!

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This is Jennifer’s T-shirt quilt made for her daughter by her good friend, Kitty. Can you tell her daugher likes horses?

You can’t see it but the backing is  a plush microfleece fabric.  If you haven’t used it before be aware that it stretches and sheds like crazy when you are putting a seam in. Also, when you load it to your leaders on your longarm quilting frame you’ll need to make sure you load the selvages against the rails so as to minimize the stretch. I have bolts and bolts of this luscious microfleece in my shop in all different colors.

When you use minkee just pin the heck out of it. Her daughter is going to love snuggling up in this sentimental quilt!

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4 thoughts on “Sentimental T-Shirt Quilt for a Graduation Present!

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    For mentioning on your blog, I have a special gift for you and your readers.

    At your convenience please call me at 1-888-455-290 ext. 214 or you can email me at

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    Tracy Jackson
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  2. Great, Tracy! I sent you an email.

  3. Thanks for the info about minkee fabric. I have not used it yet but I want to. Nice Tshirt quilt

  4. Good luck with the Minkee, Lisa. Oh, and I think next time I may not use any batting at all. I discovered that it really doesn’t need it and might even make it too hot depending on what climate you are in. Thanks for stopping by!

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