Yet Another Tshirt Quilt From Jennifer!

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Kitty is at it again!

Another Tshirt Quilt from Jennifer! Quilted by Angela Huffman

Who knew that when she took that T-shirt quilt class from me, she’d be whipping out so many great t-shirt quilts? She made another one for Jennifer. This one has great personality.

Take a look at the Trix are for Kids shirt. Oh, and the Hawaiian Punch & Spongebob shirts.

Can’t you just tell that this young lady is playful and fun to be around?

Jennifer selected Minkee for the backing and it makes this quilt feel so luxurious on the back. It is as soft as chinchilla fur!

Speaking of animals… I have no idea what the backstory is on the t-shirt with the monkey face but isn’t it fun? I’ve seen some great sock monkey fabric that would make addition to this monkey motif!


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