Installing Zippers on a Lenni

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Attach zippers to your longarm table to make loading your quilts fast and easyI recently made zippers for a Lenni and I intended to share a step by step tutorial of how I did it. Then I discovered Susan had already made a WONDERFUL tutorial for zippers!  She did a great job so instead of doing one myself, I thought I’d just share the link with you.

I never knew how much I’d love zippers, but I’m sold now.


3 thoughts on “Installing Zippers on a Lenni

  1. I put mine on last week and I LOVE them.

  2. Hey, Ruthie, how do you put the quilt top on to the zippers? Do you use t-pins/safety pins or do you machine baste on your DSM?

  3. I have been using my regular pins, although if you'r doing it on the couch watching TV, you have to be careful. The demo I got at MQS, they used big safety pins.

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