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I got Nonnie’s Card Trick quilt off the frame today and put JennieBeth’s top on. Finally progress!

I have been a bit out of pocket lately.  But I have a pretty good excuse…

I created this fun frame thanks to Jessica Sprague's online Photoshop class Frame Up

We went to Disney World!  It was so HOT! But we had a wonderful time and made some memories for the year that didn’t involve memorial services.

Do you see the cool frame on the picture?  I’m taking Jessica Sprague’s Frame Up Photoshop class. She has wonderful classes and I learn so much from them. This time I’m learning about layers, png files, masks, filters and stamps. The Disney picture above is my lesson 1 project. Yay me!

I’ll post my other lessons as I move through her course. If you’ve ever wanted some basic Photoshop instruction check out Jessica Sprague.

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