Maderia Hearts Quilt Times Three

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Maderia Hearts with Cascade Panto, quilting by Angela Huffman -

Here are the three Madeira Heart quilts I completed recently for Leslie.

She made one for each grandchild.

Maderia Hearts with Cascade Panto, quilting by Angela Huffman -

Maderia Hearts with Spin Panto, quilting by Angela Huffman - QuiltedJoy.comThese quilts are from one of the best quilting teachers in Louisville, Karen Fox. She teaches at the Smocking Shop and is just the BEST! If you get a chance to take one of her classes, do it!

I did an edge to edge quilting pattern on these three quilts. I used Cascade on two and Spin on the green/blue one.

This is a really adorable pattern!


3 thoughts on “Maderia Hearts Quilt Times Three

  1. Great job, both of you! That pattern is adorable—I love the positive/negative effect of the hearts. Eve

  2. Really neat quilts and a fabulous quilting job. Where can we find this pattern?

  3. Thanks for stopping by!
    I'm not sure where you can find the pattern but if you call the Smocking Shop (502) 893-3503, they should be able to help you. This pattern was taught in a class there so I'm guessing they have it available for purchase. Tell them I sent you! Good Luck!

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