Melissa’s Fun Flirty French Quilt

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Thanks so much for everyone’s feedback. Sandy decided to go with choice #3! She really likes the circles and ovals.

Fun and Flirty French Inspired Quilt on the APQS Millie -

Right now I have Melissa’s quilt on the frame. Isn’t it fun?  She has this really awesome blog called The Polkadot Chair.  Melissa has creativity just oozing out of her and she uses her entire home to express her style. I wish I was together enough to dress up my home the way she does! Plus, she has 8 year old twins. Shout out to the multiple moms of the world! Pop over to her blog and check out her tutorials, Moda bake shop freebie patterns and general stylish goodness.

Fun and Flirty French Inspired Quilt on the APQS Millie -

She designed this quilt for her daughter and it has a wonderful, flirty, Parisian style. My favorite fabric is the one with the Eiffel Towers. I also really like the outside black and white border print. She did a great job combining all the color tones into a unique sophisticated quilt for one lucky girl!


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  1. oh you are waaay to nice…
    Oh I can't wait to see it!!!!

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