Leslie’s Blue Batik Quilt

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Blue Batiks - QuiltedJoy.com

Can’t you just hear the ocean waves looking at this serene quilt?  Maybe it’s just me and I need a warm vacation spot in my near future, but this quilt reminds me of tropical winds and white beaches.

Blue Batiks - QuiltedJoy.com

Blue Batiks - QuiltedJoy.comI love all the varieties of blue batiks she used in her quilt. This is a big one too- it is a King size and I couldn’t even get a photo of it in its entirety. It is a BIG quilt. Won’t it be breathtaking on her bed?

Leslie chose the Cascade Pantograph and it flows like water over the top. The back is just as pretty too!

Blue Batiks - QuiltedJoy.comLeslie demonstrates something I learned recently from quilter extraordinaire, Marilyn Badger. Don’t use one fabric when 20 will do. Marilyn told me that the more variety of fabrics in a quilt, the more interesting and pleasing it is to the eye – which is so true.  Leslie’s quilt really demonstrates that point, don’t you think?









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  1. Beautiful quilt and I love the Cascade pattern chosen.

  2. Thanks, Loris! Don't you just LOVE batiks? Thanks for stopping by!

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