My Triplets Turn 11 Today!

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My kidlets!

Happy Birthday to my kidlets!  They turn 11 today and are the source of so much joy in my life!  That’s BirdMan on the left, RocketMan in the center and GooseyGirl in the pink.

My kidlets!
My kidlets!
My kidlets!

GooseyGirl on the left, RocketMan in the middle and BirdMan on the right.


3 thoughts on “My Triplets Turn 11 Today!

  1. WONDERFUL! Three lovely kids and a very sweet mom. Glad we're friends 🙂

    They share birthdate with my grandson Max who is 12 today. A great day for kids!

  2. Thanks for posting such great photos. Happy Birthday to the Kidlets! They are awesome!!

  3. I cannot imagine triplets. My sister had twins when I was 18; I took care of them for awhile when they were little–it was crazy. But three!!! Yikes. They'e grown to be adorable kids; tell them Happy Birthday!

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