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I have allowed many of my quilting magazines to expire but my favorite one right now is Machine Quilting Unlimited. This magazine focuses solely on the quilting aspect of quilting. Sit down and stand up quilting but it doesn’t cover piecing.  I’m not getting any kickback from letting you know about this special. I just really love this magazine and I know you will too!

Machine Quilting Unlimited

Purchase a one-year subscription and get the second year for $10 ($20 in Canada)!*Select the 2 year new/renewal subscription button to take advantage of the sale price
That’s a 58% savings off single-copy price
Hurry before the cool weather comes back and we regain our senses.
*Offer expires August 10, 2010
*This offer is good in the USA and Canada only.
*No telephone or mail orders accepted.

*We reserve the right to limit subscription expiration dates to 2013


2 thoughts on “Machine Quilting Unlimited Magazine Subscription Special

  1. That is the best magazine!! I keep mine and reread them over and over! Thanks for the info,

  2. Vivian, It is great, isn't it? I keep all of my issues too! I love that it covers both sit down quilting and stand up quilting. I wish it was in quilt shops too!

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