Debbie’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Isn’t this quilt stunning? Double Wedding Ring quilts are always so stunning and ones that are made with this level of skill are a joy to quilt. Debbie appliqued the arcs onto the white fabric and used some beautiful fabrics for the piecing.
 Debbie made this quilt to hang at the Cabbage Patch Settlement House here in Louisville. 
Out of respect for the symbol of our city, we chose to put a fleur de lis block design inside each of the rings. The wedges have a simble elliptical design. I used a freehand feather in the outside border that works well with the formality of the Double Wedding Ring design. 

I always love to look at the backs, don’t you? Quilts like this are just a pretty from the back as from the front!

3 thoughts on “Debbie’s Double Wedding Ring Quilt

  1. could you tell me the name of the pattern on Debbie’s Double wedding Ring quilt? Is it digitized?

    1. Sue, it is by One Song Needle Arts. Here’s a link

      1. Thank you, I have been looking, and then see I own that pattern already….

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