Recommended Beginning Longarm Pantographs

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Recommended Beginning Longarm Pantographs

I work with a lot of newbie longarm quilters as a dealer for APQS. Most beginners will start doing all over edge to edge patterns with their machine before they start doing freehand work from the front of the machine.

However, some pantographs are more complex and difficult to do then others. Here are some pantographs that I recommend for beginning longarm quilters.You can also find pantographs at

I like these larger pantos for our big APQS MillenniumFreedom or Lucey quilting machines:

Lime Tree Pantograph

Lime Tree

Cascade Pantograph


Radiance Pantograph


Funky Fleur De Lys pantograph

Funky Fleur de Lis

I like these slightly smaller pantos for our sweet little Lenni and Larry:

Paisley Pantograph


Pipeline Pantograph


If you’re looking to get your pantograph collection started I also have a couple of pantograph packages over in my shop:

The Newbie Package comes with Heart Fancy, Radiance, Turbulance, and A Little Bit This.

Angela’s Favorites Package has Lime Tree, Cascade, Funky Fleur De Lis, and Ground Cover.

You can find more of my longarm tips here.

Recommended Beginning Longarm Pantographs

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