Sheep and Postage Stamps- the quilted version

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How adorable are these sheep?  Don’t you love the one with the heart? My client, Barbara, tried to hand quilt the sheep but found that needling the fusible web used on this charity quilt was too stiff to do by hand. She asked me if I could quilt the little lambs for her on my longarm machine and then she’d do the rest of the quilt by hand.
She was concerned that my machine might have a bit of difficulty going through that stiff fusible web too. My response was that my machine could quilt her car seats. Seriously, it could if I could get it under the needle.  My Millennium is a heavy duty machine and these sheep were no match for its power. 🙂
The one black sheep made my camera all confused. That’s why the lighting on it looks so weird. I took these photos with my iPhone and apparently the black sheep was being a troublemaker for the camera setting. That makes perfect sense, eh?
This is Debbie’s postage stamp quilt. Each of those tiny squares was about 1.5″!  I’ve never tried to piece something like this. Yet again, I’m envious of Debbie’s stash. It must be a good one!  Don’t you love the flower applique she did in the center? Lovely!


2 thoughts on “Sheep and Postage Stamps- the quilted version

  1. Very nice!

    Have you ever known a black sheep who didn't cause trouble? Haha.

  2. I love that black sheep! Too perfect 🙂

    ~ Meagan

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