Marilou’s creation for our gift exchange

My local quilt guild had a holiday party where we exchanged 4 fat quarters a few months before December. Then, we were asked to make something out of those fabrics as a gift for our fellow guild members. 

It is always fun to see what everyone makes out of the fabrics provided. Marilou made this quilt top and asked me to do some freehand meander quilting to give the top texture and movement. I just improvised a fun feather filler that I think really worked nicely on the top!  I don’t know what this pattern is called but it is so pretty and looks incredibly complicated.

Take a look at Oskar’s new sleeping space. Why a kitty would think the sink is a perfect place for a snooze when there are quilts on every soft surface in the house, I’ll never know!

2 thoughts on “Marilou’s creation for our gift exchange

  1. I LOVE this pattern, can we please have the source or the pattern name? Thanks!

  2. Hi, Judy,
    Marilou made this pattern up herself- she's good, eh? I'm so glad you liked it!

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