Birthday Wishes

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I thought you all might get a laugh out of the birthday card I got from GooseyGirl a few months back. (I’d misplaced the card but found it yesterday).

Did you look closely at where I stood on the “over the hill” meter?  I was really feeling good about where she’d placed me on the “hill” until I looked more closely at the captions denoting which side of the hill was “live” and which side was “die”. 
Hallmark needs to get real with their Mother’s Day cards. They should have one that reads, “Kids- they are nice and all but sometimes they can make you feel very old.”

3 thoughts on “Birthday Wishes

  1. Kids can certainly keep us on our toes! Happy (very) belated birthday, Angela.

  2. Your kidlets are SO much fun!

  3. They sure do help with the old "perspective" issue, don't they? LOL

    An older sister can be nice to have. I think it was my 40th when I was moaning about entering "middle age," and she asked if I thought I'd only live to 80.

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