Judy’s 1930’s Flowering Vine quilt

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Judy works at one of my local quilt shop gems, Among Friends Quilt Shop. She is a very talented piecer and the quilts I’ve done for her have a more traditional style. This quilt is no exception.


Don’t you love it? She gave me so much open quilting space to have fun with and she requested a traditional feather wreath for those plain square blocks. Judy likes dense quilting and really hates pouchey areas on quilts. You know, those areas where the quilt kind of raises up due to a lack of quilting. Keeping that in mind, I used a stipple filler behind the feathered wreath.

I inserted a great motif in the center of the feathered wreath that is repeated in the flower blocks. Repeating this motif really helps pull it all together.

I put freehand leaves, stems and curls in the flower/vine spaces. As always, her piecing is impecable and this top was square and flat even with all those bias edges on the setting triangles along the outside edge.

This is one of those quilts where the back is just as spectacular as the front. Can’t you see how wonderful it will look after she washes it too? It will have that crinkly antique look after she washes it.

 This is one classic quilt Judy will treasure for a long, long time.

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