Karen’s Hot Pink Star Quilt

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I love this modern, graphic quilt. Karen asked me to custom quilt it and given how high the contrast is in the fabrics, it took me a while to figure out what quilting motifs would look the best. 
Karen wanted a hot pink varigated thread and I used a beautiful Superior Rainbows’ thread that is skinny and catches the light beautifully. 

Choosing a motif for the border and corners took me a while but I love this set of designs. It is modern and reflects the motifs found in the fabrics. The Rainbows thread works great on the black outer border. It is a small thread that doesn’t overpower the fabrics. 
I used the same motif from the outside border’s corners in the wide sashings between the stars. Do that ties in the two areas of the quit and brings in some symmetry to the quilting designs.  Karen made a beautiful quilt and I’m confident she’ll love the quilting too!

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