Doug’s Great Grandmother’s Quilt Top

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Doug brought me this quilt top his great grandmother made. He wanted to honor her memory by getting it finished.

The top was in rough shape in places. None of the seams were popped but the quilt had lots of stains. We didn’t want to wash it beforehand due to all those unstable edges on the outside. 

Doug decided to put a traditional Baptist Fan quilting design on the top which would be a traditional hand quilting design that his grandmother might have used. It looks great on his quilt top and he couldn’t be happier to finally have this family heirloom finished!

2 thoughts on “Doug’s Great Grandmother’s Quilt Top

  1. That is sure pretty- LOTS of Y seams…. but you did a splendid job on preserving it for him;;

  2. Beautiful old scrap quilt. I'm sure the fabric holds lots of memories. I agree with the choice of quilting.

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