Terri’s Granny Smith Apples and Christmas Wreath

Here is another one of Terri’s quilts based on deserts from the quilt of the month club at Among Friends Quilt Shop. 
I think Terri told me this one was called Granny Smith Apples but it reminds me more of my favorite ice cream pie, Grasshopper Pie!  I would request one for birthday every year from B&R. Mmmmmm…. mint chocolate chip….mmmmm… 
Terri selected the Pretty Posie pantograph in a light green thread. It looks GREAT!

Terri also had this Christmas Wreath wall hanging that she selected a Holly and Ribbon Pantograph which is a perfect festive choice for the quilt.
This was the first time I’d used this Christmas panto and I was very happy with how it turned out. It is festive and fun!

2 thoughts on “Terri’s Granny Smith Apples and Christmas Wreath

  1. The Christmas panto looks great.

  2. Thanks, Desley!

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