We’re a foster family!

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It’s official! We are now a foster family for the Shamrock Foundation. Shamrock is a no kill shelter in Louisville and for three years we cleaned litter boxes for them but middle school has taken away a bunch of our free time for stuff like that. Instead, we are fostering a momma cat and kittens until they are old enough to get fixed. Then we’ll turn them over to Shamrock so their forever home can be found.

Here’s our first baby, Jesse. She is adorable and even has a girlie goatee, if there is such a thing.

My concern is that I don’t think she’ll ever learn to walk. My kidlets carry her everywhere! She is definitely getting spoiled rotten.

I wish I could put a recording of her purring in this post. For such a little thing, she can really make a BIG purr.


3 thoughts on “We’re a foster family!

  1. Ohh, that is so great! I know you all are having fun with that!

  2. I'm sure glad you don't live close. I would go grab that kitten in a heartbeat.

  3. Oh that kitten was really fuzzy!

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