Butterfly Irish Chain

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I had great fun with this Irish Chain. It was pieced with a dramatic red backing so the quilting really shows up well.

My new favorite type of feather is what I’m calling a tuxedo feather. It adds a point in every other feather plume is is so easy to do.

I wasn’t sure what to do in the outside borders as the fabric is so busy that I wanted to enhance the printed motifs rather than ignore them. I decided to make a loop in the center of each flower and then echo around the outside portion of the flower before heading off to the next motif. It worked out quite well.

Inside the Irish chain I did straight line quilting with concentric circles.

The spaces between the chain were filled with a dramatic butterfly.

This quilt took a long time to do but it was so beautiful when it was finished. This one was a very large quilt!


2 thoughts on “Butterfly Irish Chain

  1. Your quilting is gorgeous. You have made this quilt a masterpiece

  2. Thanks, Jeannie!

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