Snowmen from A to ZZZ Embroidered Quilt

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If you enjoyed the Thanksgiving themed embroidered heirloom from yesterday, you’ll love this redwork snowman quilt.

Each letter of the alphabet is represented and the quilting is custom.

I added in swirling snow to the background of each block and went around each of the snowmen to give them definition.

The outside border is snowflakes and the whole thing turned out great!

This quilt is sure to be an heirloom.


7 thoughts on “Snowmen from A to ZZZ Embroidered Quilt

  1. That is just gorgeous!

  2. How can I get this pattern?

    1. Julia,
      I’m not really sure as I don’t sell the patterns and this isn’t my quilt top. I’m sure a simple Google search for A to Z snowmen would work, though. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. How can I obtain this pattern? I adore it! Please reply.

  4. Tell me how I can obtain this pattern? Please reply.

    1. I wish I knew, Sue. I did the quilting only so I don’t know where my customer got the pattern. It is beautiful, though, eh?

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