AQS Show in Lancaster, PA Part 1

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Scrappy Chair
Scrappy Chair

This past week I was in Lancaster, PA for the AQS Quilt Show. Take a look at this awesome scrappy chair they had from a recent AQS book. Don’t you LOVE it? This pattern is in the book, Scrap-o-lator Quilts & More
by Dianne Springer.

I took some photos of quilts that turned my head in the Lancaster Quilt Show this past weekend. Here’s the first one I want to show you. This quilt is like a master’s degree in longarm quilting filler ideas.Diamond Filler Quilt

Longarm Fillers QuiltCan you believe this quilt?

Do you see how the background was sectioned off in diamond shapes and then filled using luscious thread? Take a look at all the ideas in this one quilt!Machine Quilting Fillerlabel

Unfortunately the photo I took of the entry so I could be sure to tell you who made it, didn’t turn out. Do you know who made this quilt? –Edit: #511 TREE OF LIFE – WITH BUGS, Jan Hutchison, Sedgwick, KS.Thanks Ida!– Please let me know in the comments section! I was so impressed with this quilt and I’m disappointed

the photo with the creator didn’t turn out!

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  1. #511 TREE OF LIFE – WITH BUGS, Jan Hutchison, Sedgwick, KS.

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