Cincinnati Quilt Festival 2012 Part 2

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There was a large section of quilts that didn’t allow photography so you’ll just have to trust me that there were some phenomenal pieces of art haning at the Quilt Festival in Cincinnati.

Celestial WSIf you have a chance to go to the show next year, please do. You’ll love all the vendors and the stunning inspiration. Celestial description

Here’s a couple of other quilts I really drooled over. This one demonstrates everything I love about quilting. Can you see the secondary Mariner’s Compass sitting atop the piecing. It takes up the entire quilt surface and it only emerges after you’ve spent some time admiring the piecing. I love how quilts can have visual layers that the eye sifts through. LOVE IT!Celestial CU

Feeding time WSNext, take a look at this penguin family. This was a big quilt and the colors chosen for the scene were so soothing. Can’t you see the love momma has for her baby?

Feeding Time MS

Incredible talent was on display at the Cincinnati Quilt Festival!

Feeding Time Description

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  1. I attended the show and loved Feeding Time also. I would love to make this quilt but so far have not found the pattern anywhere. Any ideas?

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