Cincinnati Quilt Festival Part 1

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The Cincinnati Quilt Festival is one of my favorite shows. The venu is wonderful and spacious. The quilts are stunning and the vendors are great.

Funky Reef WS

I wentaround to the quilts and took photos of the ones that spoke to me.  I thought I’d share a few with you.Funky Reef Quilt MS


This striking quilt is called Funky Reef. Can you tell that I’m drawn to bright colors? I love the detail quilting on this too.

Quilt Maker Description

I’ve never tried curved piecing to this extent but I’d sure like to!

Funky Reef MS2

The next one I want to show you is modern, stylish and angular.

Life in the City WS

It is called Life in the City and was made by

Life in the City Description

I loved how each section of the quilt directly relates to its neighbor. Very cool.


That’s your eye candy of the day!

Life in the City MS


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  1. Love the second one. Powerful and abstract.

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