Gymnastics Tshirt Quilt

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I think I mentioned before that this is the busiest time of year for T-shirt quilts, right? 🙂

This one was made for a gymnastics enthusiast. She had lots of shirts from her long career and I think this quilt turned out great. 

We decided to put the pantograph called Spin on it as it gave the tumbling feeling that goes right alongside Gymnastics.

Can’t you just see her curled up with her new keepsake?

2 thoughts on “Gymnastics Tshirt Quilt

  1. How cute is this… you are so creative!!!

  2. How big is the quilt? How big are the blocks? What did you do when your T shirst was not big enough to make a full size block? Did you find any gymnastic fabric to fill in where necessary? Thanks for any help.

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