5 Halloween Quilts for a Spooktacular Holiday!

Get inspired for Halloween fun with these five spooktacular Halloween quilts made by the longarm quilting machine renters at Quilted Joy.

Thanks to all of my amazing longarm quilting machine renters, I get to see so many different quilts everyday. When I’m needing inspiration I don’t need to look much further than what’s already loaded on a machine! To set the mood for some Halloween fun, I thought it would be fun to look back at some spooktacular Halloween quilts! Here are five of my favorite Halloween quilts that were quilted by the longarm quilting machine renters.

Polly’s Halloween Lone Starburst Quilt

Lone Starburst Halloween Quilt

Polly made this quilt a few years ago for her grandkids so they could have a fun quilt to use around Halloween. What I love about this quilt is that it wasn’t originally supposed to be a Halloween quilt. The pattern is Lone Starburst by Kimberly Einmo. By using those Halloween themed fabrics, this quilt became a Halloween quilt!

Lone Starburst Halloween Quilt

I also want you to take a closer look at her quilting. Polly really wanted a Halloween themed edge to edge design. She didn’t feel confident enough in her free motion abilities to tackle this from the front of the machine and she couldn’t find the perfect pantograph. So she made her own pantograph! Polly found clip art of cats, bats, pumpkins, and spiders. She traced them onto tracing paper and added meandering lines to connect them all together. She used a deep purple Omni thread to quilt her original pantograph which really shows off in the solid black blocks.

Lone Starburst Halloween Quilt

Erin’s Halloween Haberdashery Quilt

Halloween Haberdashery Quilt made by Erin of HouseOnHillRoad.com

Erin’s quilt looks absolutely wicked! This is the Halloween Haberdashery by Melissa Mortenson. Erin, who you can follow at her blog houseonhillroad.com, used a few Halloween fabrics in her quilt. But she didn’t feel like she needed to stick with those novelty prints. Because the witch’s hats and pumpkins make you immediately think of Halloween, she also introduced some fun pops of color from her stash. Erin loves to free motion quilt, so she added some spooky swirls to finish this fun quilt.

Lynn and Lisa’s Pumpkins Quilt

Pumpkins Quilt

What I love about Lynn and Lisa’s Pumpkins Quilts by Cluck Cluck Sew is that they aren’t strictly Halloween Quilts. Lynn and Lisa will be able to pull these quilts out in October and keep them out through Thanksgiving. Which is perfect because these quilts are too adorable to only have out for a few weeks! To quilt these Lynn and Lisa both did a free motion meander. I think they might have sprinkled a few loopies in their quilting too! Lynn decided to add a little custom quilting to her checkered pumpkins. She added a grid based continuous curves design called Terry’s Twists. Check out this blog post to see how I like to quilt Terry’s Twists!

Pumpkins Quilt with Terry's Twist Quilting Design

Rita’s Halloween Pins and Paws Quilt

Pins and Paws Quilt with Halloween Fabrics

Just like Polly’s Lone Starburst Quilt, Rita’s Pins and Paws Quilt wasn’t designed to be a Halloween quilt. But once she used those playful Halloween prints this became the perfect Halloween quilt. An added bonus, the colors of the fabrics make a clever mix of calico, tabby, and black cats! Rita made her quilt for her niece and nephew and what a fun Halloween treat this must be. Rita decided to quilt this with the Turbulance pantograph to add some spooky swirls.

Halloween Pins and Paws Cat Quilt

Colleen’s Boo To You Halloween Mystery Quilt

Boo To You Halloween Mystery Quilt

When Colleen brought out this Boo To You Halloween Mystery Quilt from Fort Worth Fabric Studio we were all ohing and ahing over it. Not just because it’s a cute wallhanging or table topper, but because of its adorable backing fabric. It’s connect the dots Halloween fabric! I also really love how versatile this pattern can be. Colleen’s quilt is definitely a Halloween quilt because of the fabrics. But if you swapped out the fabrics for autumn colors you could easily keep this quilt out all season.

Connect the Dots Halloween Fabric

In a previous rental, Colleen tried out the Bolero paper pantograph for the first time. She fell in love with the design because she’s used it several times since then! On her Halloween quilt the design adds those spooky swirls that make this quilt just a little extra fun!

Star Block on the Boo To You Halloween Mystery Quilt

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