Longarm Quilting Traveling Teacher

Angela is currently booking a limited number of teaching engagements. Would you like Angela to teach at your guild or event?  She is available for a variety of lectures, design classes, and hands on classes all of which are listed below. Many of the classes are tailored for sit down, domestic machine quilters. Prices are listed below. For more information, please contact Angela through our contact form.

Want to know more about Angela’s background? Check out her bio.

You can find Angela’s current teaching schedule for classes that are not held in Louisville, Ky by clicking here. Her Louisville classes are listed here.

In addition to the fees listed below, there are travel and hotel fees which are determined by your event location. Angela books her own hotel and flights (if needed). If shipping is needed for trunk shows or class materials it will be at your group’s expense. Nothing is officially booked until we have a signed contract in hand. Cancellations must be made more than 60 days in advance.

Angela’s 2018/2019 Class Menu

Two day workshop is comprised of 6 hours of instruction,  a one hour lecture and a lunch break on day one. Day two is comprised of 6 hours of instruction with a lunch break. Select and stack the classes you wish to offer.

Lecture/Demo/ Design/ Draw

Essential Skills Simple Beginnings into Longarm Quilting, class taught by Angela HuffmanEssential Skills: Simple Beginnings Into Longarm Quilting

3 hrs Don’t let those big longarm machines intimidate you! Learn how easy they are to operate with this class designed especially for those new to longarm quilting (or just looking to see what all the fuss is about). Discover how it all works! We will learn how to load a quilt, how to select and align pantograph patterns, how to start and stop a line of stitching, setting tension, thread selection, batting selection and other tricks to start you off right on your longarm journey! No matter what machine brand you have (or don’t have) this class will give you the basic understanding you need to start your new quilting adventure. Get ready to dive into the deep end with this class knowing you’ll leave with the confidence to soar! Class is specific to longarm machine quilting. Handout fee per student on top of any class fees $3 LEVEL: Beginner

Essential Skills: Beginning Custom Quilting on the Longarm, class taught by Angela HuffmanEssential Skills: Beginning Custom Quilting on the Longarm

3 hour- Have you  gotten to know your machine and think you might be ready to move to the front of the machine to explore custom quilting? This class will get you started with a broad overview of custom quilting. Learn easy custom border/corner/sashing treatments that you can do from day one. See how to “read” a quilt top and interpret a quilt top to select the best design. This class offers the birds eye view of custom quilting so you are ready for more focused and rigorous classes.  Class is specific to longarm machine quilting. Handout fee per student on top of any class fees $5 LEVEL: Beginner/ Adv Beginner

Essential Skills: Thread, Batting, Tension

2 hours- Fill your brain with all you need to know  about thread types, batting choices and how to set your tension reliably. No matter what machine brand you have (or don’t have) this class will give you the basic understanding you need to start your new quilting adventure. All info applies to both sit down and stand up quilters. Handout fee per student on top of any class fees $3 LEVEL: All levels!

Playing with Piano Keys, class taught by Angela HuffmanPlaying with Piano Keys

2 hours- Using the basic piano key or beadboard design as a launching off point, in this class we will explore ways to spice up this basic design quickly and easily. Discover ways to move the piano key style of your choice through the corner and how to use it for both traditional and modern quilting. The piano key border design is very versatile and easily manipulated. Let’s find your own style for this classic border motif.  All info applies to both sit down and stand up quilters.  Handout fee per student on top of any class fees $4 LEVEL: All levels

Background Bru-Ha-Ha, machine quilting class taught by Angela HuffmanBackground Bru-ha-ha

2 hours- Break away from the common stipple and meander. Find your new happy place with easy filler designs that go fast and can be done easily! Leave the stipple stitch behind and walk away with with a loads of new designs that are ready for prime time in your next quilt top!   All info applies to both sit down and stand up quilters. Handout fee per student on top of any class fees $6 LEVEL: All levels

How the Heck Should I Quilt This?, machine quilting class taught by Angela HuffmanHow the Heck Should I Quilt This?

2 hours- Bring in up to two unquilted tops and learn how to  “read” a quilt top to determine what to quilt on a top. Angela will break down each quilt and sketch out a plan for the quilting. You’ll learn what things will look best not only on your quilt top but learn from what suggestions are made on the other tops brought to class from the other students. This class is very popular and you will learn a lot about the genres of quilt styles along with how to emphasize a quilt’s strengths while minimizing any challenging areas. All info applies to both sit down and stand up quilters. No handout fee LEVEL: All levels

Feathers for the Chickens Among Us, machine quilting class taught by Angela HuffmanFeathers for the Chickens Among Us

2 hours Formal feathers have their place but the world of feathers is so much bigger than the typical over the top plume! Angela will cover dozens of different kinds of feathers that are perfect for all levels of ability! Some feathers are tailor made for modern quilts, others scream  for traditional settings. Learn how to tell the difference and see how the modern quilt movement has influenced feather design. Find your own personal feather and discover how varied the simple plume can be. Supplies: Sketch pad, pencil or pen. All info applies to both sit down and stand up quilters. Handout fee per student on top of any class fees $5 LEVEL: All levels

Big Ass Borders, machine quilting class taught by Angela HuffmanBig Ass Borders

2 hours- Do big borders make your heart stop? We’ve all seen them… those ginormous swaths of fabric slapped onto the quilt to make it bigger. They can make a longarm quilter start to twitch!  What are you supposed to do with all that wide open space? If Big Ass Borders make you clench up, take a stand and refuse to be intimidated! In this class you learn exactly how to transform them into gorgeous complex borders that are eye popping. Discover how to the approach to B.A.B. changes based on the fabrics used and the genre of the quilt top, too. There are so many great ideas in this class for those wide open borders! All info applies to both sit down and stand up quilters. Handout fee per student on top of any class fees $3 LEVEL: All levels

Lecture Only

Avoiding the Biggest Blunders of Longarm Quilting, machine quilting class taught by Angela HuffmanAvoiding the Biggest Blunders of Longarm Quilting

Angela Huffman, has quilted a mountain of customer quilts and learned a lot along the way. In this lecture you’ll learn from her mistakes. Find out how to deal with problem quilts, how to keep things square and how to avoid many of the pitfalls so you feel confident no matter what issues you face.  Learn how to quickly set tension and how to tame wild borders. Understand what you can do for “friendly” blocks to help them lay flat. Find out how to interact with customers to minimize headaches and how to find the perfect customers.

Trunk Show: Quilting as Matchmaker and Lifesaver: My Creative Journey

Angela took her first sewing/quilting class when she was 24 and hated it. Six years later life brought her back to quilting unexpectedly and she was hooked. What she didn’t realize at the time was how patchwork would be a lifeline through major struggles in the years to come. In this popular trunk show and lecture you’ll laugh and cry with Angela as you examine the creative journey that brought so many surprises and triumphs all with a quilty theme!  This presentation seeks to celebrate how the creative path each of us finds ourselves on has many things in common. The important thing is to give ourselves permission to learn and grow while using our patchwork as creative expression that can feed the soul.

Hands On – Sit Down Machine Quilting

Learn to Machine Quilt on your home sewing machine during the Machine Quilting Primer: Wholecloth Baby Quilt ClassFreemotion Machine Quilting Primer for Sit Down Quilters

6 hours -In this hands on class you’ll learn the 7 basic elements that make up 90% of designs so you can change your focus to stitch motifs that look complicated. We will work on a panel quilt that will give us plenty of places to play and explore. Angela will show you how to change your focus so you can accomplish designs that look complicated. In class you’ll also learn how to use the magic echo to travel so you never get trapped or cornered.  Are you just getting started with freemotion? Find your courage in this class!  This class requires a $28 kit fee per student. They are provided a quilt sandwich made up of a pre-printed panel for use in the class. Kit fee includes extensive handout. LEVEL: Beginner

Rulers Rock! Machine quilting class taught by Angela HuffmanRulers Rock!

3 hours- In this hands on class we will dive  into using rulers on a sit down domestic machine or a sit down longarm machine. Rulers and templates can be used in so many different ways. Learn about marking techniques and how to get lots of design options from each tool. You will need a ruler foot for your machine and know how to mount it. Angela will bring a stash of rulers to play with in class. Handout fee $4. Supply list provided with signed contract. LEVEL: Adv Beginner

Hands On Piecing/ Applique

Fabric Collage Animals, quilt class taught by Angela HuffmanFabric Collage Animals

6 hours- Have you see the amazing collage quilts using the  Laura Heine animal patterns? They are a true expression of the maker but can be intimidating to work on. Join Angela in this class where she will guide you through selecting and placing fabrics that bring your collage animal to life. There is homework that must be done prior to class so that we can get as much done in class as possible. You will need to prepare and cut different flowers and other motifs of all sizes to have at your disposal in class. Come to class ready to discover new things about color, contrast and placement. *Shops- it is best to schedule a brief meeting with the students prior to class to have them select and purchase the Laura Heine pattern of their choice and to get their supplies. They will need to be shown how to adhere Steam a Seam 2 to the back of their fabrics and instructed to cut out lots of floral fabrics for this class.  LEVEL: All levels

Angela Huffman lives in Louisville, Ky where she owns and operates her quilting studio, training center and APQS dealership. She learned to quilt when her triplets were born and enjoys stitching with them. She is a blue ribbon quilter and  is a regular guest on the Love of Quilting PBS television program. Her instructional videos and online classes can be found at quiltingcompany.com, APQS.com and a her website, QuiltedJoy.com.

Angela Huffman, longarm quilter, quilting instructor, and APQS dealerAngela has been featured in a variety of magazines including Love of Quilting, Quilter’s Newsletter, Machine Quilting Unlimited, and On Track. A former nominee for US Machine Quilter Teacher of the Year, Angela is committed to teaching others as she travels both nationally and internationally to guilds, studios and quilt shows teaching techniques on both domestic and longarm quilting machines all while developing  patterns and tools to make longarm quilting easier.

Prior to having triplets, she was an Emmy award-winning television producer and she can still be found behind the microphone as a voice-over artist for television and radio. Angela owns QuiltedJoy.com where she oversees a gaggle of happy renters who come in to finish their quilts on her many longarm quilting machines under her careful guidance.  www.QuiltedJoy.com