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Rental Certification Class
Long Arm Class on APQS MIlleTaught on most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

(George rentals do not require certification):
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To rent an APQS machine, you’ll first need to take the certification course. In the class you’ll learn how to load a quilt on the long arm frame, adjust your tension, and do basic manual free motion meandering. Included in the class is your first rental session so bring a small quilt – 55″x55″ or smaller –  to work on. There is enough time in class for you to quilt a small baby quilt, or one lap-sized quilt.  Please don’t bring a quilt top to work on that you have an attachment to. You are learning to use a longarm so bring something that you can make loads of mistakes on. The perfect quilt to work on during this class is one the dog will look great sitting on. 🙂 Also, most people bring a sack lunch and pop it into our fridge. We have a microwave too if you’d like to use it.

In class we’ll show you how to use our zipper system to cut down on the amount of time it takes to load your quilt top. You can also purchase a set of zippers yourself so you can attach your quilt back to the zippers at home, which will dramatically decrease the amount of time you use loading your quilts to the frame. Click here for instructions on how to prepare your quilt for rental with the zipper system. 

For the class you’ll need backing fabric that is at least 6″ bigger than your quilt top and batting that is at least 6″ bigger than your quilt top. Keep in mind that we have over 100 bolts of 108″ wide backing fabrics.

We also sell batting. There are some battings that are simply too fragile to use on the frame and will drastically reduce your success and happiness with the final product. For this reason, please do not bring Fairfield brand or Mountain Mist brand or the JoAnne’s house generic brand. Most any other brand works great. I carry two brands of battings: Hobbs and Quilters Dream that you can purchase. Do NOT baste your quilt. Bring it in three separate layers as each element (top, batting, back) has to be mounted to its own pole.

Once you complete the course, you are certified to rent our machines by the hour. Please schedule your first rental within 3 weeks of your certification class so you can be sure you don’t forget all you learn in class. Remedial help is available for $20/hr.

Longarm Machine Owners Gathering, FREE

First Wednesday of the month, 10am. Do you have a stand up quilting machine and would like to join an informal group of other longarm quilters? This group is for owners of ANY brand longarm machine. Bring something for show and tell. Bring a quilt top for the “How would you quilt this” segment to get input from others on how to tackle a top. Each month we will have a small, informal program

APQS Beginning Longarm Quilting Class, $200

(Free for new APQS machine buyers)

Shirtings Quilt APQS


July 7, 2017 10am-4pm

September 8, 2017 10am-4pm

December 1, 2017 10am-4pm

This course is free to those who purchase an APQS machine, but it is also open to those who own a different brand machine. It is designed to help those who own their own stand-up quilting machine regardless of the brand. This is a comprehensive class that covers multiple ways to load a quilt on a frame, how to set tension, how to use pantographs & line them up, basic machine maintenance (APQS specific),  and how to choose threads and batting.  We will also touch on basic custom quilting. It is mainly lecture/demo so be sure to bring something to write with and a list of any questions you may have.  This class covers much, much more than our rental certification course. However, taking this course will also certify you to rent our longarm machines by the hour in the future. Taught by Angela Huffman.  Register for this class by clicking here.


Advanced Beginner Longarm Class, $125

Pineapple log cabin longarm


July 8, 2017 8:30am-12:00pm

September 9, 2017 8:30am-12:00pm

December 2, 2017 8:30am-12:00pm

This course picks up where the APQS Beginning Longarm Class stops. This class offers a broad over view of  custom quilting. Learn easy custom border/corner/sashing treatment. See how to “read” a quilt top and interpret a quilt top to select the best design. Explore some approaches to feathers that are perfect for the beginning longarm quilter. We’ll discuss common problems with quilt tops and how to solve them. We will also introduce ruler work and explore how to use templates. This class offers the birds-eye view of custom quilting so you are ready for more focused and rigorous classes. Taught by Angela Huffman. Register for this class by clicking here.

All of these classes and events will be offered at the Quilted Joy Studios in Louisville, Ky.