Tulip Etimo Steel Crotchet Hook Size 14/0.5mm


Tulip Etimo Steel Crotchet Hook is a super thin crotchet hook that can fit through the weave of most cotton fabrics like a needle.  This will allow you to capture and retrieve through the fabric any visible errant threads.

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You may be asking yourself, what does a crotchet hook have to do with quilting?  There is nothing worse than to finish a quilt and see a dark thread lying behind a light block.   What can you do?  You can leave it there glaring at you.  Remind yourself that no one but you will know it is there.  No one but you, and possibly a judge, will even care that it is there.  At only half a millimeter wide, the Tulip Etimo Steel Crotchet hook is like a needle.  You can push it through the fabric to catch the thread and pull it out without damaging the quilting or the fabric.  If the thread is still attached and can’t be pulled out, you can drag it under the darker block and safely out of sight.

You can also crotchet a very tiny doily with it.

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Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 6.5 × 1 × .5 in


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Sewing Accessories



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