Looking to hire a longarm quilter to finish your quilt top? Let us quilt your quilt! We quilt for hire. Just bring your quilt top to the Quilted Joy Studios or ship it to us. Angela Huffman will professionally quilt it with care and precision. We have batting available for purchase and a huge variety of wide backing fabrics too. Pricing is based on square inches and you can click here for a pricing calculator.

Budget Value Meander Quilting- $0.017 per square inch.

machine quilting budget value meander
This is the most economical and basic machine quilting service.  It resembles puzzle pieces or a winding trail of thread working its way across your quilt top.  No marking is involved in this style.  Pricing is $0.017 per square inch. This level of quilting is the least dense style and turn around time is fast. Take a look at some examples of Budget Value Meander on some of my customers’ quilts.

Edge to Edge Designs- $0.02 per square inch

machine quilting edge to edge
This is freeform artwork on your quilt. This is our most popular level of  machine quilting service and offers the fastest turnaround time. No marking is involved in this style. Edge to edge designs start at one edge and continue to the other side regardless of blocks, seams, or piecing. This level of quilting adds wonderful texture to the surface of the quilt and allows the piecing to take center stage. We have dozens of patterns. During your intake appointment, we will look over the pattern choices so you’ll know exactly which pattern will be placed upon your quilt top. Pricing is $0.02 per square inch. Turn around time is pretty fast. Take a look at some examples of Edge to Edge Quilting on some of my customers’ quilts.

Custom Level Quilting-$0.05 per square inch

machine quilting custom
Custom level generally has multiple designs in the quilt, i.e. separate designs in blocks, sashing, and borders.  It may be necessary to use Blue Markers and/or chalk. Custom stitching is time intensive and, therefore, the more costly machine quilting service. This level of quilting allows me to showcase the top in the best possible way.  (May include turn charge depending on pattern). Pricing starts at $0.05 per square inch. I am normally booked out months in advance for custom machine quilting. Please call to find out turn-around time as I only accept a limited number of custom quilts per month. Click here to see some of the custom quilting I’ve done on my customers’ quilts.

Heirloom Level or Show Quilting- $25/hour

machine quilting heirloom
Heirloom quilting is generally for show quilts, and keepsake quilts.  Designs are made specifically for the quilt.  It may include trapunto, formal feathers, specialty threads, and very small background designs. It will most likely be necessary to use chalk or blue or purple marker.  Heirloom quilting is extremely time consuming and very intensive; therefore, it is the most costly machine quilting service offered.  Pricing for Heirloom quilting is based on the hour.

Basting For Hand Quilters

This level is for hand quilters who wish to have their layers prepared for them. Pricing for basting is less than a penny a square inch or, to be specific, $.01/sq. in.

A 50% deposit is required before I can begin working on your quilt.

If you are shipping your quilt top, please call me and let me know it is on its way. I will call you when your quilt arrives, and it is checked in. I will notify you when your quilt is complete and will ship when your payment is received in full.

If you have questions about my pricing, please contact me by phone (502) 718-7148.  I would be glad to discuss your quilt with you.  However, I cannot give you a definite price until I see the quilt.  There is no “wrong” way to quilt a top, but sometimes a quilt just seems to demand certain quilting.  After seeing the quilt, I may suggest certain quilting, but the decision is up to you.  If you are working within a limited budget please let me know.  I want to work with you within your budget.