T-shirt Quilt

[box]I am taking a hiatus until 2016. I am not making T-shirt quilts for others at this time. [/box]

Tshirt Quilt louisville
Tshirt Quilt for graduating senior

How high is the stack of t-shirts in your closet? It’s impossible to wear them all, but wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy the memories they bring? Maybe it was a special family vacation, basketball tournament, running event or you are looking for the perfect graduation gift.

A t-shirt quilt allows you to enjoy these special memories in a whole new way, as a comfortable couch throw, on a bed, in a dorm room or camper, or displayed on a rec room wall.

Tshirt Quilts are $16/shirt.



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The basic style is made up of your t-shirts stabilized with an interfacing and cut to a uniform size( normally 15″, based on the largest logo provided. Your quilt will come with 3″ border of premium black solid cotton fabric. Sashing can be added for $3/shirt. Sashing resembles window panes and acts as a a frame around each t-shirt square with premium black and white gender neutral dot 100% cotton fabric.

The price above includes fabrication of your quilt top from your shirts, and a 3′” black cotton border, poly batting, cotton backing fabric, professional quilting, and coordinated binding.

Price includes:

  • Quilt design
  • Preparation of t-shirts (stabilized and cut)
  • 3″ premium cotton outside border and backing
  • Machine pieced quilt top
  • Low-loft poly batting
  • Machine quilting in a generous allover pattern with industrial longarm quilting machine
  • Binding and Trimming

Please add:

  • The cost of return shipping ($15) and insurance if required
  • $6 for each shirt which requires any adjustments or repairs
  • $20 for Hanger Sleeve if desired
  • If you prefer to supply the fabric for sashing, borders and/or backing, please contact us for yardage, type of fabric and preparation.  There is a $10charge if you supply the backing fabric.  This charge is incurred due to the additional time it will take to cut, fit and prep your material for our industrial machine.
T-shirt Quilt Louisville
T-shirt Quilt Block

How to Get Started

  • A deposit of 50% is required to begin the process. Payment can be made by cash, check or money order.

Pick out the shirts you wish to have included in the quilt (it is wise to include a few extras). Freshly launder the shirts. Do NOT use fabric softner.  I highly recommend using Oxy Clean to brighten the fabric and remove stains. They don’t have to be perfect, some stains add character! I do not recommend including shirts where the logo/design is peeling off or heavily damaged.

Do NOT cut the shirts apart. Please provide them whole and recently washed.

Do NOT use fabric softener on the t-shirts.




Shipping and Handling

Return shipping will be $20 for one quilt.  $10 for each additional quilt in the Eastern Time Zone. Other Time Zones may incur slightly higher shipping costs.

Upon arrival of your shirts, I will contact you via e-mail or phone to discuss design, fabric choices (color and pattern/theme) and production timeframe. When your quilt is done, I will e-mail you a digital photo of the quilt and let you know the balance due. The quilt is shipped when final payment is received.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Tax and shipping is extra.