Longarm Rulers and Templates

Quilting with longarm rulers is often the simplest method for stunning quliting designs. There is a ruler for almost every design you could want to quilt. Straight lines, circles, and curved crosshatching are all much easier to quilt with a template.

Here at Quilted Joy we have more than 40 different rulers and templates for your longarm quilting machine. The best longarm rulers are 1/4″ thick and made of acrylic. Before you begin quilting with longarm rulers be sure to follow a few safety rules. Make sure you have a ruler base on your machine. And make sure you have the appropriate ruler foot for your machine. All APQS machines come standard with the ruler foot.

For beginning quilters, I always recommend starting with a simple straight line longarm ruler. My current favorites are the Jessica’s Edge and the Ideal Quilt Guide Angel Edition. Both of these rulers are easy to grip while quilting. They’re ideal for stitch in the ditch quilting and quilting perfect straight lines.

All of our longarm rulers are perfect for quilting on both stand up longarm machines and sit down domestic machines.

Showing 1–24 of 39 results

Showing 1–24 of 39 results