Premo-Soft Thread

Premo-Soft is a machine quilting thread from the makers of Glide thread. This is a 50 weight polyester thread with a matte finish and the look of cotton. Machine quilters who love the look of cotton threads but desire the strength of polyester will love Premo Soft thread!

Designed with longarm quilting machines in mind, Premo-Soft thread is incredibly strong and built to last. It has a special poly-wrap, poly-core construction that means it produces little to no lint. It is washable, color-fast, and resistant to chemicals, harsh detergents, and sunlight. It’s the perfect thread for heirloom quilts to last generations!

At only 50 weight, this polyester thread is wonderfully thin. Premo Soft will sink into your quilts and it’s cotton feel leaves it soft to the touch. Some thread colors even glow under a black light, making it easier to see your stitches as you quilt.

Discover your next favorite thread and order Premo-Soft today!

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