Learn to Make a T-shirt Quilt!

You’ve got tons of T-shirts, or maybe your kids of grandkids do. You can’t bear to throw them out, but you don’t really have a reason to keep them. Sounds…

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A Quilt Fit for a Soccer Star

Sue asked me to quilt this awesome soccer jersey quilt! I was so impressed with the way she played with the sashing and cornerstones, and how she cut some of the jerseys in really surprising ways.

What’s the perfect gift for a soccer star who has it all? A T-shirt quilt made with their jerseys of course! What do you think of Sue’s Soccer Jersey quilt? I…

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Judy’s Cycling T-shirt Quilt

T-Shirt Quilt

Recently Judy dropped off this massive T-shirt quilt for quilting. There’s 30 shirts in the top and each shirt was cut into about a 12″ square. As you can see…

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T-Shirt Quilt Camp – Wrap-Up!

Barb shows off the finished T-shirt quilt she made during the T-shirt Quilt Camp at Quilted Joy

On Saturday, our fearless adventurers finished up their T-shirt quilts on the third day of T-Shirt Quilt Camp.  In their first session, they learned how to use the heat press…

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A Heartfelt Gift of a T-Shirt Quilt

Jamie's T-shirt quilt for her niece, Kelsey, blends a wonderful selection of T-shirts with creative sashing and a lovely backing fabric in a heartfelt gift.

Jamie recently made this T-shirt quilt for her niece, Kelsey.  You can tell from the shirts that Kelsey has been very active in dance and musical theater.  I also got a…

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Kentucky Blue T-Shirt Quilt

Kentucky Blue T-Shirt Quilt quilted by Angela Huffman

Living in Kentucky, it’s not uncommon to see University of Kentucky shirts covering T-shirt quilts.  Usually they’re made for a recent graduate or young super fans.  Linda and her colleagues gathered…

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Joanne’s Travel Shirts Quilt

Joanne's Travel Shirts Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

T-shirt quilts can tell you a lot about a person – their hobbies, work, or favorite sports teams.  One quick glance at Joanne’s quilt and I could tell right away this…

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