Lisa’s T-Shirt Quilt

Lisa's T-Shirt Quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

Lisa’s t-shirt quilt is done! This quilt is made up of her son’s many sports shirts.  The focus block, however, is a special kiddo shirt that must have made Lisa’s…

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Linda’s T-Shirt Quilt

Linda asked me to quilt this super cute and very unique T-shirt quilt! She actually appliqued each shirt onto the background!

I find it funny that the past three quilts I’ve done are all for different Lindas! This one is Linda S’s t-shirt quilt. I’ve never seen a t-shirt quilt like…

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T-shirt Quilt For My Pop!

T Shirt Quilt

It’s done! I pieced the top at RIM and now it is officially quilted and bound! The shirts came from my dad’s closet. He’s got a bit of everything in…

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Portrait Block

Photo Transfer Fabric T-shirt Quilt

    This is the centerpiece of the T-shirt quilt I’m fabricating this week. The quilt is a graduation present and the center block is this photo transfer specialty block.…

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Stitched Memories

T shirt quilt with scout badges

I’m working on a T-shirt quilt right now. My client brought me 23 shirts to use as blocks. I’ve prepared those and I’m piecing those rows together today. It is…

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T-Shirt Quilt Fun!

Male High School t-shirt quilt, quilted by Angela Huffman

This t-shirt quilt was made by a brand new quilter, who pieced it for her son.  I didn’t realize it until I opened it up and found that the t-shirts were…

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